Who is who in the Dominican Republic
Patrick Drahi, owner of Orange Dominicana and TRICOM
José Luis Corripio Estrada, one of the top executives of the Dominican Republic. Is the CEO of TV and newspapers corporations besides other types of enterprises.
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Elena Viyella de Paliza
Miguel Guerrero
Name Category Notes ID Image
Danilo Medina Sánchez WPOL President of the Dominican Republic. Period 2012-2016 199
Felix Antonio Cruz Jiminián WOTH Doctor on medicine. Well known for his social, selfless and humanitarian work. His work has been concentrated in the populous area of Cristo Rey. 201
Frank Rainieri WBUS President of Grupo Punta Cana. One of the most key promoter of Dominican Republic development. 200
Leonel Fernández Reyna WPOL Former president of the Dominican Republic and president of the governing party PLD. 198
Padre Luis Rosario WOTH Coordinador de la Pastoral Juvenil. Realizan trabajos comunitarios con jóvenes y adolescentes. (809) 689-8019 203
Padre Rogelio Cruz WART Catholic priest who has become a great defender for the cause of poor and homeless. www.fundacionpadrerogeliocruz.com/ 202
Victor F Rodriguez WTEC Author of software PRESTAMOSIMPLE and FACTURASIMPLE. 197